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Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy 2023-2024 

Admissions Policy 2024-2025 

Admissions Policy 2025-2026 

Anti-Bullying & Hate Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Charging Remissions Policy

Children Missing in Education

Code of Conduct for Staff Policy 

Code of Conduct for the School Community Policy

Complaints Policy 1 2024-2025

Complaints Policy 2 - Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints 2024-2025

COVID Outbreak Management Plan

COVID Risk Assessment 2021-2022

Designated Safeguarding Lead Job Description

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy 2022-2023 

Equality Policy 2022-2026

Employment of Ex-Offenders

Finance Policy 

Fire Prevention and Evacuation Policy 2024-2025 

First Aid - Administering Medicines Policy

First Aid - Supporting Children with Medical Needs

First Aid - Incident + Accident + Reporting Policy

GDPR Policy

GDPR Privacy Notice Relating to Pupils Information

Guidance for Safer Working Practice 2019

Grievance Policy

Health & Safety Policy 2024-2025

Homework Policy

Intimate Care Nappy Changing Policy

KS2 Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement 2022-23 

Local Offer

Looked After Children 2024-2025

Marking & Feedback Policy 2022-2023 

Online Safety Policy 

Parent Helper Guidelines

Phonics Policy

Physical Intervention and restraint Policy

Positive Behaviour Policy

Positive Handling Policy 2024-2025 

Positive Mental Health Policy 2024-2025

Premises Crisis Management Policy 2024-2025 

Premises Management Policy 

Prevent Statement

Preventing and Dealing with Racist Behaviour 2023-2024

Preventing Radicalisation Policy

Privacy Notice 2022-2023

Racial Incidents 2024-2025 

Rec and KS1 Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement 2022-23 

Relationship & Sex Education Policy

Risk Assessment and Procedures Policy 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy  & Annex to Child Protection Policy - Covid 19

Safer Recruitment Policy

SEN Policy

Staff/Volunteer Acceptable Use Policy 

Staff Code of Conduct Policy 

Values & SMSC Policy

Whistle Blowing Procedure & Policy