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Keep Children Safe Online:

As we know, the world of technology is becoming more integral to the way we live life. Children are using technology in a range of ways: to communicate, to research, to game etc. Technology provides many opportunities to educate and deepen our understanding of the world around us but it does not come without its risks. At Swindon Village, we aim to educate children about the dangers of technology and what we can all do as educators, parents and children to ensure that we safe online.

Please find below, a range of links to online advice, educational videos/games and guides on how to set up parental controls on a range of different devices.

Getting advice and reporting problems online:

Internet Matters:


Think you know:





UK Safer Internet Centre:

Report Harmful Content:


Information on which games and social networks are appropriate for children: 

Net Aware:


Should Kids be using Facebook?

How to set parental controls on devices and games: 

Internet Matters parental controls index:

Parental Controls for iPhone / iPad:

Parental controls for Android:

Parental controls for Youtube:

Internet Matters parental control guides for key devices:

Internet Matters Tips Setup Safe checklist

Parental control android smartphone

Parental control apple iphone and ipad parental control guide

Online Safety Policies 

Online Safety Policy March 2023-24 

Rec and KS1 Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement 2022-23

KS2 Pupil Acceptable Use Agreement 2022-23 

Staff/Volunteer Acceptable Use Policy 

Children’s internet safety test to help build awareness for parents and children of all ages to ensure they are better protected online.  


If you have any questions or need support on any issues surrounding online safety, please contact Mr Grace (Class 7) or Mr Mills.


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