Swimming Gala 2023

On Friday 6th January, 6 Year 6 swimmers attended a Swimming Gala at Tewkesbury School. There were 8 teams from various schools that took part in a competitive swimming competition. All our swimmers swam in individual races, front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke and then finished off with the relays. 

During the heats we swam extremely well, finishing either 1st or 2nd, which put us all into the finals to compete for a medal place. Connor won his backstroke final by quite a margin and was awarded with a certificate. After the finals there was a fun big splash and little splash which everyone took part in.  

The overall results were announced, and we came 2nd and they all received a silver medal.

They were all so excited and proud of their achievements and so they should be! Their sportsmanship and encouragement towards each other and the other schools was outstanding. 

A final mention to Joel, who received the Sports Values Band for 'Self Belief'.  Joel's attitude towards his fellow team mates was amazing. No-one else could swim in the 1 length breaststroke heat and Joel very kindly offered to give it ago; he said it wasn't his strongest stroke and was worried he might let the team down, which of course he didn't. So well done Joel for receiving this value band.

Congratulations to: Gracie, Vesper, Connor, Annabel, Joel and James. 

Also, a huge thank you to Mrs McIlveen for giving lifts there and back.

Mrs Brown 🙂