Garden of Hope

The Garden of Hope is a project launched by Winston’s Wish to support pupils in schools with bereavement. We, as a school, thought this would be a lovely project for our bereaved pupils.

We currently have two groups running in school during an afternoon each week.

Over the next year we will be developing an area on the school grounds into a place where pupils can grow and nurture flowers, fruit and veg and a place to sit in when they feel sad or just want to remember their close member of the family that has sadly died.

During the first two sessions, we have shared our feelings about the family members who have died and have painted pebbles with their family members name on, which have been put them in the Garden of Hope. We have also arranged some of the planters and put the mini greenhouse together. We have two volunteers helping Mrs Brown and the pupils which is wonderful. Plus all the generous contributions parents and the wider community donated last summer. It’s slowly starting to come together.

There will be updates and photos of how this progresses on here.

Hope you like it.

Mrs Brown and the Sunflowers and Forget-me-not groups


Garden Of Hope



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