Staff 2020-2021

Head Teacher: Mr. G. Mills

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr. A. Philcox

Assistant Head Teacher (Phase 1/2): Mr. M. Adsett

Assistant Head Teacher (Phase 3): Mr. D. Roddis

Assistant Head Teacher (SENCO): Mrs S O'Leary 

School Business Manager: Mrs. D. Gronow

Senior TA: Mrs. L. Brown

Learning Mentor: Miss. R. Shirley

Parent Support Advisor: Mrs. L. Brown


FS: Mrs. L. Waller (FS Leader), Mrs. S. Roach, Miss. A. Cleary, Mrs. V. Parker, Mrs. K. Broughton & Mrs. T. McAuley

Year 1: Miss. M. Woolley, Mrs. S. Langer, Mrs. G. Wilkins, Mrs. N. Sargeant, Mrs. H. Arrenberg & Miss. J. Moody

Year 2: Mrs. K. Bayntun, Mr. A. Clayton, Mrs. J. Simic & Mrs. K. Organ

Year 3: Mr. M. Adsett, Mr. S. Grace, Mrs. J. Minett & Mrs. N. Midwinter

Year 4: Mr. D. Roddis, Mrs. D. Steed, Mrs. L. Isherwood, Mrs. A. Steed & Mrs. A. Stevenson

Year 5: Mrs. A Tanfield, Mr.P. Howell, Mrs. C. Creates & Mrs. H. Cooper

Year 6: Mrs. V. Brain, Mr. J. Bradley, Mr. A. Philcox, Mrs. A. Harris & Ms Breinholt

PPA: Mr. R. Bradnam

SEND TAs: Mrs. A. Barnes, Mrs. M. Bate, Miss. K. Bowers, Mrs. K. Bradley, Miss. S. Emms, Mrs. N. Faisal, Mr. M. Huck, Mrs. K. Knight-Tingle, Mrs. M. Minopoli, Miss. A. Patel, Mrs. B. Parrott & Miss A Rankinen

School Administrator: Mrs. C. Phelps

Finance Assistant: Miss. A. Bancroft 

Clerical Assistant: Mrs. C. Thelwell


Midday Supervisors: Miss. T. Attwood, Mrs. S. Indawala, Mrs. L. Jackson, Mrs. L. Kapesi, Mrs. K. Modi, Mrs. A. Patel, Miss. A. Readstone, Miss. A. Saunders, Mrs. P. Soteriou, Miss. D. Strzelecki, Mrs. T. Watling, Miss. S. Welsh, Mrs. C. Widdowson & Miss. C. Williams


Crossing Wardens: Mrs. B. M. Greenwood & Mrs. P. Soteriou




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