Special Education Needs



Mrs Sarah O'Leary

Inclusion Manager

email: senco@swindonvillage.gloucs.sch.uk


As a school, we have invested in a large number of friendly teaching assistants, to ensure all pupils have the support and encouragement they require to reach their potential.

For pupils requiring additional support we have a number of SEND teaching assistants who support on a 1:1 or group basis where necessary.

In the afternoons most year groups have one teaching assistant working with pupils identified as needing extra support/provision. Pupils are withdrawn in small groups or individually to work towards agreed targets or to revisit or be pre-taught learning outcomes covered in the mornings lessons. Sometimes this afternoon work takes the form of specific intervention programmes.

All pupils on the Special Educational Needs register, receive two review meetings a year. Parents are always invited to attend, and if this is not possible, telephone feedback is also offered.

We also run sessions before school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, where parents are invited to attend with their child to work through a spelling or reading programme.

For those pupils finding lunchtimes difficult, a lunchtime club runs every lunchtime where the children are able to relax and play inside. We also have the Nurture room where pupils needing to withdraw to somewhere calm and quiet can go for some time out.

When required we have access to expertise from the Local Authority. This includes an Educational Psychologist, Speech & Language therapists, Advisory Teachers for communication and interaction, emotional, social and mental health, hearing impaired, visually impaired and cognition and learning.

In school we also have a dyslexia screening test available for junior age pupils and various other diagnostic screening tests, to examine individual pupil’s strengths and difficulties and help us to target provision most effectively. We place great value on building a strong link between school and parents. All parents are encouraged to contact school with any questions or concerns as they arise no matter how small.

We have put together a leaflet that summarises our local offer.  Please click here to view.

You may also wish to read our Special Educational Needs Report by clicking here.