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Safeguarding Induction / Training

This area provides all new staff and volunteers with a wide range of safeguarding training materials as well as links to statutory documentation. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the named DSL or Deputy DSL.

As you complete the training, please remember that 'Everyone is responsible for safeguarding!' at Swindon Village. 

Keeping Children Safe In Education 2019 (KCSiE'19)

Staff/Volunteers are expected to read Part One in full and Part Five (Found in the full KCSiE'19 attachment).

·        Keeping_children_safe_in_education FULL.pdf

·        Keeping_children_safe_in_education_part_one.pdf

Safer Working Practice Guidance

Staff/Volunteers are expected to read the attached document as part of their induction / training.

·        Guidance for safer working practceUpdatedSept2019.pdf

Safeguarding Induction and Quiz

Please read the PowerPoint and then use this knowledge to answer the quiz. Once completed, please use the answer sheet provided to mark your quiz. Please go through any questions that were incorrect to ensure that your knowledge and understanding is up-to-date.

·        Swindon Village Primary School Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2019 Presentation

·        Swindon Village Primary Safeguarding Quiz Sept 2019-2020

·        Swindon Village Primary Safeguarding quiz sept 2019-2020 answer


Quick Reference Guide

·        Swindon Village Quick Reference Guide 2019-2020

Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Executive (GSCE) and other useful resources

·        gscb-revised-guidance-working-together-2018-2 (1).pdf

·        prevent-duty-departmental-advice-v6.pdf

·        gcc_2544-working-together-2018-publication-document_final-30052019-v14.pdf

·        omguide-1-neglect

·        6_1639_HO_SP_FGM_mandatory_reporting_Fact_sheet_Web.pdf

·        fgm_factsheet_-2-63889.pdf

·        home-office-county-lines-guidance-sept2018.pdf

·        E14 fabricated or inducedillness(FII) .pdf

·        A067-16_Managing_sexting_incidents_Factsheet.pdf









Keeping Children Safe


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