Swindon Village Governors

The school’s governing body is made up of 12 people, including the Head Teacher, school staff, parents and people from the local community.

The governors challenge and support the Head Teacher to help ensure the school provides a good quality education. They make decisions on things like performance, targets and school policies. Governors oversee school budgets and staffing and support the school in responding to inspection recommendations.

To carry out all these tasks, Swindon Village Primary School Governing Body is divided into a number of committees, each focusing on an important aspect of the running of the School:

  • Curriculum & Standards
  • Pay & Personnel
  • Premises & Health & Safety
  • Finance

There is also a small, strategic committee of governors, known as the Governor Strategy Group (GSG) and made up of the Chairs of the above committees and the Chair of Governors, which makes decisions which don't easily fit in any of the other committees.

The full Governing Body meets six times a year and the individual committees meet at least three times a year.

Parent Governors: Mr. Stuart Blakesley, Mr. Mark McIlveen & Mrs. Helen Willcox

Partnership Governor: Mr. Robert Ellis (Chair) & Mrs. Dawn Eccles

Co-opted Governors: Miss. Amy Bancroft, Mrs. Sara Hulbert (Vice-Chair), Mrs. Elizabeth Jones & Mrs. Lucy Taylor

Local Authority Governor: Mr. James Stevenson

Staff Governor: Mr. Martin Huck

Head Teacher: Mr. Geraint Mills

Associate Members: Mr. Tony Philcox

Clerk to Governors: Mr. Alistair Cheadle


The Governing Body currently has no vacancies.

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, this can be done through the Clerk, Mr. Alistair Cheadle. He can be contacted either through the school office or by email clerktosvps@swindonvillage.gloucs.sch.uk.  Alternatively, you can contact the Chair, Mr. R. Ellis at chair@swindonvillage.gloucs.sch.uk






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